Neighbourhood Watch and Community Police Liaison

Community Police Liaison (CPL)

Our Board member Didi Cameron works closely with TPS representatives from the 53/52-division geographic area and all seventeen police divisions throughout the City of Toronto, including Traffic Services, to provide advice and assistance to the local unit commanders and to work in partnerships towards safe and secure communities. 

In performing the responsibilities of this role, she will represent and reflect our demographics and deliver the programs mandate:

  • To work together in identifying, prioritizing, and problem-solving of local policing issues by;
  • being proactive in community relations, crime prevention, education, mobilization, and communications initiatives, and acting as a resource to the police and the community

Neighbourhood Watch Groups (NW)

This is a forum started in Lawrence Park  by Didi 3 years ago to discuss neighbourhood security, local criminal incidents, suspected criminal activity, and crime prevention measures. The groups are small (50 – 130), private, NOT social media and usually the administrator of the group has met all their members. It is extremely exciting that TPS and our local politicians are promoting and supporting these groups, as well as the pertinent city by-law departments.

In order to streamline and organize the groups’ communications, Google Groups is used to regulate security and trustworthiness.

Only members can view group content, anyone can apply to join or be invited if they live in the included streets of the group, only members can post, and finally only members can view the list of members.

If you would like more information on starting a group or joining a group please visit