Traffic and Safety


One of the least significant casualties of Covid19 is the traffic management plan for Lawrence Park envisaged by the City. Speed and volume counts that should have been gathered this year were put on hold in March because the virus reduced traffic volumes so much.  


The pilot study was to have been conducted throughout the year, with action to follow in 2021. It was also intended to measure the impact of the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail construction project on Lawrence Park and Leaside.  Public meetings, planned this past summer to gather response from residents and form a working group, were postponed. In their absence, residents are invited to contact the Manager of Area Transportation, Eric Chan, whom I met at City Hall in February. He is available on 416-392-9594, or at He will incorporate your feedback into the traffic management analysis when it is completed next year….hopefully, Covid permitting.


Our City Council representative, Councillor Jaye Robinson, continues to monitor our concerns, despite the illness that has kept her from attending council meetings all this year. She and her office are responsive and engaged, and can be reached via


The upshot of this latest delay is that we still have no timetable for the implementation of the Lawrence Park Environmental Assessment plan that was approved by City Council, after appeal. Traffic calming measures and new sidewalks are still in the pipeline, but no dates can be set until the one-year study is completed.


The Lawrence Park Ratepayers Association will continue to keep you informed of any developments, when they occur. Having fought for so long to achieve our goals of balancing the priorities of a safe traffic environment and the preservation of the distinctive character of our neighbourhood, we remain committed