Suggested Email Wording: Weybourne Crescent / Lawrence Avenue Development

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I object to this proposal for the following reasons:

  • The subject properties are located in an area designated Neighbourhoods under the Official Plan. The height and density of the proposed development is not in keeping with the existing neighbourhood.
    The City of Toronto Official Plan states that “a key objective of this Plan is that new development fit, respect and reinforce the general physical patterns in a Neighbourhood”. Clearly this proposal does not do so.
  • Lawrence Avenue East is not an “Avenue”; No higher order transit is being planned for Lawrence Avenue (contrast with Eglington).
  • The inclusion of an existing single family residential lot from a neighbouring side street to permit higher and larger development is not in keeping with the Official Plan’s Neighbourhood protection policies.
    The Official Plan’s infill policies apply to lots which are the sites of former non-residential uses such as an industry, institution, retail store, utility corridor etc. and do not apply to neighbouring residential properties a developer might like to add to an infill property.
  • At 14.2M the development is contravenes the by-laws governing height on Weybourne Avenue and would be negative for the immediate streetscape on both Lawrence Avenue and Weybourne Avenue.
  • The building height and the “skybridge" feature will create condition of overlook for local residents on Weybourne Crescent and St Edmunds Drive and have significant shadow impacts for residents on both of these streets.
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