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What We Do...

From sidewalks to potholes, stop signs to traffic calming, we work with the City and neighbours to come to agreement on strategies and work to implement road and traffic safety measures that improve life in Lawrence Park.

With a focus on improving pedestrian safety, enhancing community inter-connectedness and accessibility for all residents, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, the LPRA is on record as supporting the City's policy on sidewalk construction. City policy is sidewalks on both sides of collector and arterial roads and on at least one side of local roads where possible. Consideration is given to balance cost, existing conditions, community and local Councillor input (for local roads), and priority is given to creating pedestrian links.

Click here to see our archive of 'What's Happening in Lawrence Park' posts relating to traffic.


Basement Flooding and Road Improvement Study

The City is currently undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study to address issues relating to deteriorating road conditions, traffic, pedestrian safety, drainage problems and basement flooding in our neighbourhood. Measures that improve stormwater quality and reduce storm runoff will also be incorporated.

A community meeting was held in 2012 to explain the process: Click here to read the Report on Community Meeting.

An overview of the City study can be found here: Information on the City of Toronto "Lawrence Park Neighbourhood Investigation of Basement Flooding & Road Improvement Study".

The latest report is available from the City:  Click here to see the PIC2 Report.

The City is looking for feedback from residents and the survey is open until June 19th, 2015. Click here for the LPRA note to residents and click here for more information on the City process and survey.

The LPRA provided feedback on the preliminary recommendations of the Environmental Assessment (June 16, 2015): LPRA Feedback On the Preliminary Recommendations.

The LPRA Board revised it's position as follows (June 8, 2016 newsletter):

The LPRA Board has informed the City that it has adopted the following positions:

  1. We support any work necessary to correct basement flooding issues;
  2. We support a 7.2-meter road with one sidewalk on Mildenhall; and
  3. We believe a comprehensive survey of residents must to be undertaken before any further response is made to the City’s proposals.

In July, 2016 the LPRA commissioned an arborist to review impact on trees and canopy. The Executive Summary is available here: Arborist Report Executive Summary.


Mildenhall Safety Group:

The Mildenhall Pedestrian Safety Group was started in the summer of 2011 by three Lawrence Park families. We formed based on a shared concern for the safety of our children who are forced to walk every day alongside - and unprotected from - the many cars, vans, and service vehicles along Mildenhall.

Since we started, we have grown to over 60 families and caregivers. We have met with the City roads and traffic managers, Councillor Jaye Robinson, Lawrence Park Ratepayers Association to name a few.

We would love you to join our rapidly growing group of local residents and others who want to make Mildenhall safer for all users of the road whether pedestrians, dog-walkers, joggers, cyclists, nannies with strollers, and drivers. If you are interested in this issue, please join our mailing list by contacting us at