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Based on neigbourhood input we assist the City to implement efficient and environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions for public areas in general and for the management of storm water flow in particular. Safety for residents as well as the preservation of the unique character of Lawrence Park are guiding principles when addressing issues like
• elimination of surface ponding and frozen puddles to enhance pedestrian safety
• efficient storm water channelling from public spaces to protect basements of individual homes
• improvements to general infrastructure in Lawrence Park

BASEMENT FLOODING AND ROAD IMPROVEMENT STUDY was started by the City in 2012 for Lawrence Park east. The final study report was approved by Toronto's Public Works and Infrastructure Committee and by the City Counsel . The report describes in detail the measures for improving storm water quality and efficient storm water runoff. The report further outlines additional sidewalks for pedestrian safety and convenience and how these infrastructure measures will be implemented with minimal impact to existing tree canopy and the general character of the neighbourhood. The complete report can be found at www.toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/public-consultations/infrastructure-projects/lawrence-park-neighbourhood-road-stormwater-management-study

The LPRA supports the City's decisions as a result of the in depth study and resident consultation process.
The City's solutions for improved storm water drainage is best explained with diagrams received from the City

Infrastructure & Drainage Committee