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Toronto Aviation Noise Group (TANG):

Recently a request was made for Lawrence Park representation on TANG. Bob Hall volunteered to represent LPRA at this group and has shared the following information:

The responsibilities were simply to see that our interests and input were represented, report back to the Lawrence Park community, and if necessary seek further interest in this group. The Toronto Aviation Noise Group is hoping to raise awareness of take-off and landing noise resulting from flight paths over North Toronto. The group is led by Margaret Evans and was first started by a group of concerned Leaside residents when the GTAA changed the flight paths in February, 2012. Those changes resulted in fewer flights over Lawrence Park and more flights over Rosedale and Leaside. (This has nothing to do with low flying test flights from Downsview.)

The group has an online petition to sign, is conducting a door to door petition in Leaside, and has enlisted the help of councillors and politicians. If you are concerned about excess air traffic, or extra loud air traffic, you are urged to sign the online petition available on the group’s website (http://northtoronto.wordpress.com). If you are willing to fight the cause or share your view, please email mailbox@lpra.ca with your views and we'll forward your note to Bob. Many thanks to Bob for his efforts on behalf of Lawrence Park!


Environmental Waste:

The City of Toronto hosts Community Environment Days each spring to encourage proper disposal of materials hazardous to our environment. For more information, check out their website.

Enviro Day


The Lost River of Lawrence Park:

A group of interested Torontonians has traced a number of lost rivers across the city.  There is one running under our neighbourhood.  Click here to read all about it!