Update on Lawrence Park Environmental Assessment Study

After almost four years, the City has completed the study report for the Lawrence Park Neighbourhood Road & Stormwater Management Study. A copy of the report and appendices can be found at www.toronto.ca/lawrencepark and at the Locke Library at 3083 Yonge Street.

The Lawrence Park Ratepayers Association has actively advocated on behalf of Lawrence Park residents to ensure their views and opinions have been clearly communicated.

The LPRA's position throughout this process has been:

  • We support any work necessary to correct basement flooding issues;
  • We support a 7.2-meter road with one sidewalk on Mildenhall; and
  • We believe the opinions and views of residents directly impacted by City proposals, as have been conveyed to the City, should be respected and taken into account by City staff.

Now, after years of uncertainty and debate, the City has brought closure to this issue with a set of proposals that are in accordance with the LPRA’s position. The final proposal, as approved by the City’s Public Works Committee, and City Council, is to add sidewalks to certain parts of seven streets and address the longer term concerns about drainage and basement flooding, while preserving our tree canopy to the largest possible extent in order to protect the character of Lawrence Park. The proposal directs City staff to notify all homeowners where new sidewalks are being proposed so that affected residents will be able to actively liaise with the City on local, street specific concerns and preferences.

At the present time the City of Toronto has multi-billion dollar, unbudgeted and unfunded infrastructure plans. The Environmental Assessment report for the eastern side of Lawrence Park will now join the queue of future prospective projects. City staff has estimated the earliest start date for any proposed project work in Lawrence Park as possibly around 2021-2022, assuming funding is obtained.

The LPRA will continue to monitor this process and keep our membership up to date on any new developments.

While it may be some time before we see the actual effects of the City’s proposals the LPRA is now initiating the next phase - a wider and detailed study of traffic calming that will bring benefits to the whole of Lawrence Park.

Your Association plans to consult widely with residents throughout the Park to gather opinion on traffic concerns north and south, east and west. Traffic calming measures require support from 25% of affected households on a street, so the first step is to establish priority areas for action, which is why feedback from residents is essential.

Please contact me as chair of the Traffic and Safety Committee of the LPRA to participate in this information gathering stage of the process.

Phillip Crawley
Chair, Traffic and Safety Committee

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