Toronto Noise Coalition

If you care about noise levels in Toronto,

please be aware and save the date

February 26, 2018

Licensing and Standards Committee meeting

Toronto City Hall


Toronto’s antiquated and inadequate regulations are being revised. Progress reports will be provided 10 days before the meeting.


Instead of addressing the real problem and the real issues with new approaches, the City is proposing to tinker with the existing by-law and to do away with needed safeguards. Noise complaints have increased over 300%. For example, the latest proposal permits amplified sound of 85dB (like a diesel train) in your home and unlimited daytime construction noise.


Reports of the Toronto Board of Health and World Health Organization that show the evidence of the health risk of excessive noise is clear! Leading cities like New York have shown that effective noise regulation improves economic development while protecting health.


On February 26, we need to ensure that the City will change its bylaw development process to:

  1. Stop tinkering with out of date thinking!
  2. Abandon the proposed 2016 by-law as a base!
  3. Learn from applicable forward thinking best practice!
  4. Hire experts in the field to help get this important work done!
  5. Allocate sufficient budget!

Make your voice heard on February 26 – attend, depute or write

To assist, the Toronto Noise Coalition will provide you with meeting details and our overview of the City reports once they become available. Please email for any additional information and relevant reports.

Cathie Macdonald

Co-Chair, FoNTRA

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