Road Safety Survey – Summary of Findings

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Thank you

Over 21% of our neighbourhood participated in the survey. Please accept our sincere thanks for taking the time to share your experience, observations and feelings concerning ‘what’ road safety problems you face and ‘where’ those problems are in our neighbourhood.

We deeply appreciate that so many took the time to add such rich detail to their descriptions. This level of detail will guide us toward better solutions. Additionally, your participation in community efforts like this is extremely valuable as the LPRA works to create policies that support the safety and welfare of Lawrence Park.

Also, thank you also for your patience while the survey data was entered, categorized and analyzed.

Survey’s Key finding

The survey’s final report provides a comprehensive review of the results.  Below are some key highlights:

  • Speed was overwhelmingly the biggest road safety issue; however, the issue of traffic volume (cut-through traffic) was reported on every street that acts as an entry/exit point to the neighbourhood
  • Mildenhall Road and St. Leonard’s Ave. had the highest incidents of problems reported
  • There was broad support to reduce the posted speed limit throughout the neighbourhood
  • Larger-than-anticipated neighbourhood support for speed humps (not bumps)
  • Please see the report for a more thorough review of the survey findings.


Immediate next steps

As we transition into the planning phase we will continue to engage with our neighbours on both general and street-specific solutions to our road safety issues. Immediate next steps include:

  • Map out strategic placement of traffic calming measures to create the proposed community-wide plan
  • Work with Councillor Robinson and City staff to submit ‘Quick Start’ requests and petitions for approval at July 4th North York Community Council (NYCC).
  • Work with City staff on interim measures that do not require NYCC approval
  • Please see page #14 for more information about ‘Moving Forward’.


The final NYCC meeting before October’s Municipal election is on July 4th and the newly-elected Council doesn’t meet until early December 2018. Quick Start requests for road safety improvements have been made as referenced above. However, subsequent requests for traffic calming countermeasures need to go through a very lengthy process that could take as long as 2 – 5 years. Some requests for the Old North York section of LP are heavily dependent on the sewer/road work that will be done over a ten-year period that is anticipated to begin in 2021. We will work diligently with City staff and Councillor Robinson to find interim measures until the permanent measures can be installed as well as to shepherd requests for those permanent measures through the approval and budget processes.

If you have questions or comments please email Phillip Crawley at or Keith Wilhelm at .

Warm regards and have a safe summer.

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