Lawrence Park Road Safety Plan

Executive Summary

The Lawrence Park Road Safety Plan (The Plan) will improve the safety of everyone who lives, works, or plays in Lawrence Park regardless of their mode of transportation.

Speed Limit Measures, Traffic Calming Measures, Education and Advocacy Plans and other safety procedures highlighted in the recent Vision Zero – Toronto’s Road Safety Plan (June 2016) and the Guide to Safer Streets Near Schools (September 2016) will form the foundation of The Plan.

Broad community involvement, stakeholder engagement, governance by the Lawrence Park Ratepayers Association (LPRA) and guidance from Councillor Robinson and City Staff will ensure The Plan’s successful development and implementation.

The Plan will be divided into five (5) phases: 1) Framework Development, 2) Community Safety Survey (Problem Identification), 3) Solution Creation, 4) Prioritization and 5) Implementation.

Several ‘Quick Start’ solutions to solve urgent safety problems will be requested early in 2018 with the hope that they can be approved and implemented within several months. Subsequent requests for proposed solutions will be made within the first year of The Plan’s timeline with the hope that they can be implemented during 2018 - 2021. However, due to competing priorities and available funding by the City of Toronto as well as a dependency on two long-term construction projects in the east end of Lawrence Park, we anticipate that the timeline to fully implement The Plan will be 15 – 20 years.

Project tracking, information transparency, scheduled evaluations and regular communication with the community and stakeholders will also be keys to success.

If you would like a copy of the full text of The Plan’s framework, please contact Keith Wilhelm (

Be Safe. Be Aware. Keep Communicating.
The Lawrence Park Safety Committee:
Marilena Anderson, Deirdre Cameron, Allison Chang, Danielle Claerhout, Shelagh Durno, Lynn Francis, Sarah Gibbings-Kerr, Caroline Gibbings-Mandell, Lesley Hingle, Terri Jain, Fiona McArdle, Robyn McKenna, Amy Pandori, Mia Singer, Elizabeth Wademan, Keith Wilhelm, Lisa Windover

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