Chatsworth Development

We are at a critical point in preparations to oppose the proposed 7 storey condominium at 41 Chatsworth Drive at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) in February 2016.

All concerned community members are invited to a Community Meeting:

Saturday December 5th, 9:00 AM
Blessed Sacrament Church
24 Cheritan Avenue at Yonge.

(Enter the southwest doors of the church on Cheritan, or the northwest door through the Courtland Ave. parking lot for elevator access to the basement hall.)


We would like to update you on a number of recent developments related to the developer’s appeal to change the Official Plan and zoning bylaws to suit his own interests:

Earlier this year, a number of groups and individuals, including DART, the City of Toronto, and The Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), registered with the OMB as “parties” to oppose the condo development.

The TRCA has withdrawn as a Party to the OMB hearing. This change is expected to reduce the length of the hearing considerably. Costs of DART remaining as a party are now expected to be much less than originally estimated, but still in the neighbourhood of $100,000 for legal and planning experts to represent us.

We have raised approximately $46,000 to date and urgently need your help so we can instruct our lawyers and planner to proceed with DART's participation in the OMB hearing.

The City of Toronto has committed significant legal and planning resources to challenge this OMB appeal. The City of Toronto has a very specific and detailed Official Plan which outlines how growth is to be accommodated and SPECIFICALLY states that intensification is to be directed to major arteries; not within established residential neighbourhoods.

It is the opinion of our legal counsel, Aird & Berlis, that our case is very strong; and DART's participation will bolster the city's efforts to oppose the development.

While our case is strong, we can't make our arguments without the involvement of legal and planning experts and for this we need your immediate financial support.

We need to pull together to squash attempts like this to change the Official Plan for one person’s profit- driven interests. We risk a dangerous precedent being set for intense development on other residential side streets if this inappropriate scale of development is not stopped. A unified voice will send a clear message to the development community that our residential neighbourhoods matter.

Please plan on attending the Community Meeting on Saturday December 5th at
9:00 AM at Blessed Sacrament Church, 24 Cheritan Avenue (northwest corner of Yonge St and Cheritan).

If you cannot attend on Saturday, contributions in the form of cheques made payable to: “Aird & Berlis – In trust” can be dropped off at the Smith residence at 38 Chatsworth Drive. Alternatively, we would be happy to come by and pick them up from you directly, at your request.

Thank you for your support,

Your friends at DART.


Contact us for additional information:

Peter Brennan          416-481-0087

Sharon Lott          416-483-6524

Brad Smith                   416-486-6775

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