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12 January 2016



Want to get your kids off the couch and screen? Want to feel the wind in your hair and get some exercise? Or do something new with your 'honey'?

Come skate in Cheltenham Park! Even better - brag to your friends that you helped build the rink.

Last year was the first time I’d built a rink. Our site is a bit challenging (pitcher’s mound etc!), but in the end with lots of water and some amazing volunteers we had a big, (approximately 50’x70’) awesome rink. Teenagers played hockey, little kids learned to skate, age groups mixed and enjoyed a great Canadian winter.

Please send me an email ( if you are willing to help build and maintain the rink. We need people to help set up the liner and edging (now!) but most importantly people willing to shovel and flood.



A group of concerned neighbours have formed the Lawrence Park Community Preservation Initiative (LPCPI) and are raising funds to go to the OMB in an effort to stop this proposed development from becoming a reality and ensure it is modified to fit better in the existing context. They are asking the rest of the community (and Bedford Park residents) for help. Please send a cheque to the treasurer at:

77 Weybourne Crescent
Toronto, ON M4N 2R6

or contact to e-transfer funds or arrange for us to come by and pick up a cheque.

More information is available on the LPRA website at and also at The LPRA believes that this proposal is not good planning and does not fit with, respect or reinforce the local neighbourhood. These apartment buildings will dramatically affect the character of the neighbourhood along Lawrence Avenue East and set a dangerous precedent for development all along both Lawrence Avenue East and Mount Pleasant Road.


It's been a busy fall - and as a result of all we've had going on in the neighbourhood, our AGM which previously has taken place in November, has been pushed to February 2nd, 2016.

And we're trying a new format to give more residents a chance to attend. This year the meeting will take place on a Tuesday evening with registration at 6.30pm and a meeting start time of 7pm with our traditional wine and cheese gathering after the meeting. We'll meet at Lawrence Park Community Church (as we have in past years) - it's at the corner of Dawlish Avenue and Bayview Avenue, easily accessible from the neighbourhood and has lots of parking!

As in past years, all residents are welcome. Residents who are supporting members are entitled to vote on business before the meeting. Any resident wishing to become a supporting member can do so online at

The notice of meeting and agenda will be delivered to all residents at their homes and will also be available on our website at

We look forward to seeing many residents there!


You may already know about Volunteer Readers Programme as more than 20 of our 200 readers and 3 members of the Board live in or around the Park! VRP is a registered charity operating in 15 schools in United Way High Priority Neighbourhoods (e.g., Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park, Lawrence Heights).

Our volunteers read one-to-one with Grade 1 and 2 children, during school hours, with the goal of instilling a love of reading as they help children attain grade level skills. The students selected to read with us twice weekly have very low reading scores, are not ESL and are struggling to keep up.

Helping children to read is an investment in their future! It’s well-documented that children who grasp reading basics by around the end of Grade 1 and, equally importantly, who think of themselves as readers, have more academic success in school and are less likely to drop out as soon as they reach the mandatory 18 years .

We are looking for volunteers who can commit one half-day (at the school, during school hours) every two weeks from October to mid-May. We conduct training workshops so volunteers are familiar with our materials and methods and we help you obtain the required Police Reference Check. Substitutes are arranged when you are on holiday or have a last-minute emergency. Volunteers come from a range of professional backgrounds.

Last January‘s LPRA article prompted 8 area residents to join us. Most are now part of the team successfully delivering VRP to Chester PS where we are assisting 18 grade one children with their reading. We‘ve been approached by a school near York Mills and Don Mills to help their struggling grade one youngsters. To do this, we need to find another 8 to 10 volunteers. Please consider helping us to help them!

To volunteer or obtain further information, please contact Managing Coordinator Kate Suter (; 647 502-5424), or Executive Director Lenora Butler, Ph.D. (416 481-5369; or visit our website: and apply online.

Thank you!


(Resident Bob Hall has provided the following summary after joining community consultations on aircraft noise:

Over the last decade there have been increased concerns about aircraft noise over Lawrence Park. We are subject to ORNGE runs to Sunnybrook, test flights of Dash 8's from Downsview and take-off and landings from Pearson (which is only about ten kilometers away and has limited options to alter operations as there is a prevailing west wind and wind direction dictates runway use).

Back in August, 2015 there were several meetings around Toronto hosted by NAVCAN which is a non-profit service of Air Traffic Control. Due to the necessity to keep up with demand balanced with concern about noise complaints from Rosedale, Leaside, and other communities, they have taken it upon themselves to seek solutions to the noise concerns. After consultation with many communities, six proposals have been set forth for trial over the next two years.

These proposals will not change the noise as much as distribute it over a greater area. Flight paths will not be significantly changing, since the runways cannot physically change, and federal regulations are crafted with safety reasons and the physics of air flight in mind. Currently planes pass us at about 1000m overhead. We are the 15th busiest airport globally (13th in terms of passengers). Solutions involve night time hours, choice of runway (more west), altering plane speed (faster approach) and less flap use (cleaner flight makes less noise). Other minor solutions will also be considered - involving climb rates, etc. And we did get an agreement that NAVCAN would investigate how noise is dealt with in larger European centres.

Initially Lawrence Park was invited to help Leaside get the flight paths changed after a change in 2012 moved more flights over Leaside (from Lawrence Park). However it became evident that we are closer to the airport and therefore not within the boundaries from which concerns would be considered, so representation ended.
The bottom line is that not much will change in a noticeable way. Air traffic will increase in years to come as will the hours of operation at the airport. We can only hope that technology will offer a solution to the overhead noise coming to ground level so we can barbeque and sip wine in our back yard in summer peace.
The next consultation process is to take place in the winter of 2016.


Residents of Lawrence Park are served by the LPRA whose mandate includes:
  • To consider and promote all matters regarding the collective welfare of Lawrence Park and its preservation as a residential park area;
  • To consider, recommend and promote legislative and other measures that may be deemed wise and expedient to the intent of the community;
  • Generally, to promote good government in the City of Toronto and adjacent areas particularly as it relates to the community;
  • To promote a strong sense of community amongst our residents and families and provide a voice that represents the interests of residents;
  • To regularly seek input and direction from LP residents to shape the LPRA mandate and collaborate with other relevant associations and organizations.
The work of the LPRA (including, importantly, contributing when financially able to the cost of planners and legal counsel in respect of development) is supported by contributions from our residents. To become a supporting member, please click here and pay via PayPal or print off and send in a membership form. (If you are not sure of your membership status, email us at and we will check for you.)
Thank you for the support!

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