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Lawrence Park: Neighbourhood News

9 October 2014

Residents Neighbourhood Meeting

Your LPRA annual general meeting

and wine and cheese party!

Your neighbourhood association, the LPRA, is hosting its annual general meeting and wine and cheese social on November 2nd, 2014 at 3pm at Lawrence Park Community Church (2180 Bayview Avenue at Dawlish Avenue). This is your chance to meet and chat with neighbours and hear from the Board on issues affecting the Lawrence Park neighbourhood and on plans for the future.All residents of Lawrence Park are welcome; supporting members can vote at the meeting. Information on becoming a supporting member is available at; you can also join or renew at the meeting.And as an added bonus, supporting members will be able to pick up a free "SLOW DOWN" Kids at Play sign while supplies last.

Please come join the conversation!

Lawrence Park - our park's future

Following on from our previous newsletter update on the ongoing work in Lawrence Park (the park behind the Locke Library), the drainage work is now almost complete and a design consultant is on board.  The consultant is working on two or three possible design options for the playground and park area. Once those are complete, the City and our Councillor will hold public consultations to get feedback on the design options.  That will likely occur in late fall.Stay posted; we will be looking for community input!


Just a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood association that voting municipally matters ... and affects your neighbourhood. The LPRA works closely with the City of Toronto and our Councillor on many issues affecting our life in the city. We encourage all residents to take the time to understand the choices we face prior to the election.

And on October 27th (from 10am to 8pm), be sure to get to the polls and cast your ballot. (Here's a link to a tool to find your voting location.)

For those who will not be in town on voting day, you may vote in the advance voting from Tuesday, October 14th to Sunday, October 19th between 10am and 7pm at our Ward 25 location: Banbury Community Centre (Banquet Hall) at 120 Banbury Drive. Alternatively advance voting is offered Tuesday, October 14th to Friday, October 17th between 10am and 7pm at City Hall.

You may also appoint a 'proxy voter' to cast a ballot on your behalf. The instructions on how to do so can be found on the City of Toronto website under Appoint a Proxy Voter.

Watch Out: Parking Enforcement

Parking rules in Toronto prohibit parking for more than 3 hours on any City street unless you have an accessible permit (or a permit granting permission to park on a street that requires a permit).

The parking enforcement officers are currently in our neighbourhood cracking down on vehicles that are left on the street for the day. They have been working on streets close to Yonge Street, issuing tickets for vehicles parked for longer than 3 hours... Beware!

Committee of Adjustment

The North York Panel of the Committee of Adjustment reviews applications for minor variances for construction in our neighbourhood. This panel meets every two weeks, usually on a Wednesday.The next meeting will be held on October 22nd, 2014 and the list of homes from Lawrence Park on the agenda for that meeting is not yet available.
The Development Committee of the LPRA is available to help you understand this process if you are interested in construction on your property or have questions about proposed development in the neighbourhood. Our Guiding Principles and Tips for Residents are on the LPRA website or you can email with questions.



Residents of Lawrence Park are served by the LPRA whose mandate includes:
  • To consider and promote all matters regarding the collective welfare of Lawrence Park and its preservation as a residential park area;
  • To consider, recommend and promote legislative and other measures that may be deemed wise and expedient to the intent of the community;
  • Generally, to promote good government in the City of Toronto and adjacent areas particularly as it relates to the community;
  • To promote a strong sense of community amongst our residents and families and provide a voice that represents the interests of all residents;
  • To regularly seek input and direction from LP residents to shape the LPRA mandate and collaborate with other relevant associations and organizations.
The work of the LPRA is supported by contributions from our residents. To become a supporting member, please click here and pay via PayPal or print off and send in a membership form. (If you are not sure of your membership status, email us at and we will check for you.)
Thank you for the support!


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Please note that the opinions and activities in this newsletter are those of diverse groups of residents in Lawrence Park and are included as a service to our community. They do not always reflect the work of or views of the LPRA.
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