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Road & Sewer Reconstruction

Many Lawrence Park residents have seen the “Save our Trees” signs on some lawns in the old North York part of Lawrence Park and may be wondering what it is all about.  Please take the time to read through the information below. The issue is not as simple as it may seem. Here are the facts:
  1.  The...
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Tree Buddies

A very successful initiative of our Parks and Trees Committee is the ‘Tree Buddies’ program. Saplings purchased by the LPRA (your membership dues at work!) are given to Grade 1 ‘Tree Buddies’ at Blythwood Public School, who take them home to be planted. Each year more than 60 saplings are planted. (Thank you, Tree Buddy parents.) Plans are underway to expand it to...
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TLC for Parks and Trees

Arbour Day 2014 was held on Saturday, May 3rd and was a great success. Volunteers tended to previous plantings, mulched trees and laid down mulch on some of the paths. Post ice storm, they also had their hands full collecting broken branches and brush. Thanks to all who came out. Read more