Weybourne/Lawrence Proposal

A new development has been proposed for the south west corner of Weybourne Crescent and Lawrence Avenue.

The LPRA met with the developer this spring so he could outline the plan for these three lots. The current plan contemplates 22 units in two four storey buildings of an ultra modern design, set parallel to Lawrence Ave. The north building is planned at 14.2m high at Lawrence and Weybourne; the south building ~12.3 M high (bylaw is 10 M). The buildings would sit further east than the existing homes on the west side (closer to the street). The developer indicated he intends to make an application for a Zoning amendment. We outlined our concerns with respect to fitting in, respecting and reinforcing the neighbourhood. Of particular concern is a taller than normal building sitting closer to the street on Weybourne.

We anticipate that the city will call a meeting of the community after the initial review of the application. Notice would be given to those who live within a 120m radius of the subject properties and the relevant Ratepayers’ associations. Community Council authorizes the meeting. Meetings are not held in the summer. It is not impossible for a community meeting to be held by the end of June, however the likely outcome is that a meeting would be held in September if the developer submitted his application in the late spring. Usually the city councillor or a member of their staff participate in this meeting.

The only action required at this time is for residents to notice when they travel by the subject properties whether a little white sign has been posted to indicate that an application has been made. If you are aware of others who are interested in this redevelopment please feel free to share this note and please put them in touch with me.

For more detailed information, click here.

Janet Griffin, Development, LPRA (development@LPRA.ca)


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