Local Ice Rink


Come skate in Cheltenham Park! What a great way to get your kids off the couch and screen… and to feel the wind in your hair and get some exercise… or do something new with your ‘honey’!

Even better – brag to your friends that you helped build the rink.

We need volunteers to make this a reality again this year. Our site is a bit challenging (pitcher’s mound etc!), but in the end with lots of water and some amazing volunteers we had a big, (approximately 50’x70’) awesome rink. Teenagers played hockey, little kids learned to skate, age groups mixed and enjoyed a great Canadian winter.

Please send an email (kathrynjbarclay@yahoo.ca) if you are willing to help build and maintain the rink. We need people to help set up the liner and edging (now!) but most importantly people willing to shovel and flood.

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